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Deep Tissue Holistic Massage 

    Remedial, Sports & Therapeutic Massage, Electrotherapy, Ultrasound & K-Taping

The Natural Way


Better Health 

                                                       'Remember, life may take it out of you,

                                                                   but massage can put it back                      Clare Maxwell-Hudson

Hello, I am Geoff, qualified in Remedial Therapy, Sports Massage, Advanced Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Massage, deeply relaxing Therapeutic Massage, K-Taping, Ultrasound and Tens therapy. I aim to offer a remedy to your aches, pains, stresses, injuries (as well as injury prevention), improve your sporting performance and ability, improve flexibility and range of motion, gain better sleep and general well being.

Treatment room in Hereford city centre.

My Remedial Therapy qualifications - Sports Massage, Holistic Massage, On Site Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and No Hands Massage (foundation course)©, were gained at the RNC, Hereford, in 2003. During my time there it became apparent that I had found my vocation in life. I have also gone on to attend many more courses and workshops to further my anatomical knowledge, improve and learn more advanced techniques and been enabled to use other modalities such as Kinesio Taping, Tens and Ultrasound, to increase even further the chances of healing and recovery. I have been fortunate enough to be able to provide relief to a diverse range of clients through the application of Deep Tissue Holistic Massage.

So, if you wish to discuss the benefits that treatment could give you, or book an appointment, please contact me ; I shall be happy to assist and look forward to the pleasure of helping you.

Massage leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed,

re-energised and in better condition.

Massage is definitely not a luxury and should be part and parcel of living a more healthy, balanced and pain free life.


20 minute taster massage!

call to book.

available until November 30th 2018